OK CBD Oil Ingredients

OK CBD oils are vegan friendly, made in the UK, and contain full spectrum CBD extract from hemp grown on regulated farms in the US.

They also contain MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides derived from coconut oil or palm kernels) and flavourings.

The MCT oil in our products contains no preservatives. The orange and spearmint flavours are flavoured with essential oils and are therefore completely natural. OK CBD Oil in summer berry flavour contains a small amount of food-safe synthetic flavouring.

OK CBD Oil Drops are supplied in 15ml bottles and are available in concentrations of 200mg, 400mg and 800mg.

OK CBD Capsule Ingredients

OK CBD Capsules contain our full spectrum CBD oil suspended in MCT (medium chain triglycerides).

The soft gel casing of each capsule is made from aqua, gelatine and vegetable glycerine.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil, which can often be referred to as “whole plant” indicates the full plant extract is included. When included, the full plant extract offers more of the plant’s molecules in each dose of CBD. In contrast to products based on CBD Isolate, which literally isolates the CBD molecule, full spectrum CBD contains higher concentrations of CBD than a product made from isolates. A full spectrum CBD product also contains other terpenes and cannabinoids that occur naturally in the cannabis plant.

The full spectrum cannabidiol extract that we use in our products also contains cannabinoids such as CBD-A, CBG, CBC. If you’d like further information on the cannabinoids in our products, please don’t hesitate to ask to see a copy of our lab reports.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT oil is a blend of glycerine and fatty acids derived from palm kernels or coconut oil. It is used as a food supplement and often added to smoothies, ice cream and salad dressings. MCTs are easily digested and are linked to helping your body to effectively process fats. We add MCTs in order to assist the absorption of CBD into the body.

As our products contains MCT oil derived from palm kernels or coconut oil, they may not be suitable for people with nut allergies.

Why is OK CBD Oil Supplied in Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles? 

Apart from the fact we really like the way that blue glass looks, there is method to our madness! Dark glass, such as cobalt blue, helps to keep out the light that can cause the essential oils and CBD oil in our products to deteriorate during storage.

As we want or products to not only reach you in the very best condition, but to stay in tip top condition for as long as possible, we supply OK CBD in dark cobalt blue glass bottles.